Case Study

Usability Study

CDK Global
Senior UX Designer, Core UI Team
Product Development

Led usability tests on external and internal users of CDK core products, both managing and running the test sessions, and presenting a results summary to executive stakeholders.
Product direction had been established without proper testing to validate assumptions and prove the concept.
Initiated conducting usability tests with users of the product. Created the hypothesis to prove, established metrics for success, built the interactive test prototype, and coordinated gathering test subjects. Users completed a set of tasks during one hour test sessions that were recorded for future reference. Each session included a note taker, observer, and myself conducting the test. Post test I presented an executive summary detailing the results and proposed improvements to the application.

Whiteboarding session to create the plan and goal for the usability tests, which I also used to socialize the plan to stakeholders in seeking approval to move forward.
Quick wireframe exercise to explore use cases and task flows for testing, and for peer review of subject matter.
For testing I built two interactive prototype's in Axure. One that matched the configuration application's current direction in a pre-launch development state, and one that represented the proposed web page solutions for the in-development platform.
Test sessions were recorded in order to document screen clicks and mouse movements, for saving audio during the test while the users thought out loud as they made their way through the task flows, and finally in order to capture video of the test takers for gauging their state of delight and/or confusion.
Results of the test were communicated to stakeholders via an executive summary that included data visuals to measure the metrics that determined success or failure.